Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Karma is the New Black

Karma is EVERYWHERE lately...correction, DISCUSSION of Karma is everywhere. There are Karma cafes, Karma books, Karma dog food, Karma songs, Karma shows, Karma, Karma, Karma. Karma is nearing the status of "fuck" in that it can be an insult, a good thing, an adjective, a noun, a cause or an effect. Long gone are the days that everyone universally pictures Boy George and a color changing lizard at the mention of the word.
But the fact is, good things happen to bad people all the time, and vice versa...mean, stupid, rich people get richer. Nasty people with next-to-nothing to add to the planet, get their words and ideas broadcast daily...hourly. Mother Theresa got sick and died. Innocent people go to prison. Honest people get their heart broken. Children are exposed to war and abuse and divorce.
So the "law" of Karma...doesn't fly for me. "Laws" are sometimes-apply, very possibly-on-Tuesdays type things. Laws are always laws...Karma is considered a type of energy. There are "laws" to energy. For example, energy is never created or destroyed. So how would Karmic energy handle this one if everyone started being do-gooders all up and down the place? What about when war breaks out or a serial killer goes on a gorey spree? Does the planet have to borrow a little bad Karma from the less-bad of the bad? When the world seems to be all turned around, does it take that much less goodness to reap some major benefits? Is it like the stock market?
So do whatever you want to do...and if you do good things- do them just because they make other people happy. Luckily, that makes most people feel good in return so its almost IMPOSSIBLE not to be greedy.