Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hormones, Cash, and Greehouse Gas

Ok, I'm back from a too-long hiatus from spewing my opionions and ideas for...well, possibly no one. But now I'm back, in my 30's, and as useless-idea ridden as ever...
So speaking of my 30's, as they crept up, so did a renewed urge to "clean things up." (and suprisingly, I'm not referring to my obsession with the organizational process) I've done a lot of research, albeit casual, on the eco-friendly/organic/sustainable lifestyle. I find a lot of information, interesting at the least, compelling at best; and even the habits I honestly am not willing to commit to at this point, are very interesting. That said, I continue to have trouble finding easy, cost efficient, readily available products that meet standards in areas such as (1)maintaining basic hygiene, (2)not reaking of patchouli- btw, is that stuff derived directly from B.O. or what?!, and (3)allowing me to keep a certain standard of feeling girly, "done up," and pampered. So as I take this journey, as an aid to other and help to myself, I will be sharing some of my hit and misses.
I have 3 main concerns:
1) Hormones...they control EVERYTHING in your body...they are like little managers and the more chemicals you put into your system, the greater the chance that they will get confused and mess up some important projects; effective janitorial services, company morale, regular and efficient "hours of operation", raw material production and reproduction to name a few.
2.Cash - if I'm going to go poor trying to be healthy and planet-conscious, then it's not worth it to me. I'm aware that I have a limited life span and the planet won't be completely gonerooski by the time I'm gone. So future generations are important, but not worth hanging out in the poor house.
3.Greenhouse Gas - aka, the planet (yes, its one problem among many). But I think we can easily make some small changes, when multiplied by the population of a planet, could do some good.
So stay tuned:)

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