Thursday, September 24, 2009

Do the Jane Fonda

Not that you could tell from how fat America is - but exercise options are abound right now. Every week a new exercise fad comes to light as the exercise that WILL work. There's pilates (I bought the Windsor series...can't even find it now) which is gauranteed to change your life. Tae Bo and Cardio Kickboxing where replaced with Zumba and Hot Yoga. And, being the sucker that I am...I've tried them all...and each has it's benefits, burns calories, decreases stress, etc. But lately, I have gone retro in the exercise department and I'm loving it. First of all, I went back to the tried and true running. I stopped in college after an injury and must admit, it's hard on the body, but if you are smart about it and don't push your limits too much, it is one of the best energy/weightloss/sleep-aid/antidepressants I have ever encountered.
However, unlike a classic like running - I've recently added in Jazzercise as well. Yes, Jazzercise (which took me a while to even start admitting outloud). But, a little over a month into going twice a week, I am loving it. Except for slightly updated songs and outfits (on MOST of the patrons), it is the same Jane Fonda-looking, peppy dance routine activity that I recall my mom doing in my childhood. The age range in the classes is suprisingly diverse, and the workout incorprates high and low intensity cardio, stretching, and sculpting. Following routines and dancing around makes the time pass - and in 60 minutes I burn about 500 calories. I am more than a little tempted to build a retro workout wardrobe of sweatbands and leotards, but I have resisted so far. In my opinion just going, then working up to this admission is an accomplishment. That said, last night on Dancing with the Stars, Cheryl Burkes officially endorsed the Jazzercise program - so no need to hide those leg warmers anymore!

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