Monday, October 5, 2009

Ode to Vinegar

One can easily google "uses for vinegar" and get numerous pages that give you 100 or 1000 or maybe more uses for vinegar. I am a HUGE fan - it's got so many uses and is much safer than it's chemical alternatives. There are a lot of things I haven't tried - like curing my hiccups (I don't get hiccups much), relieving my arthritis (I have none to relieve), or cleaning my milking equipment (no lactating bovines or women in my house). My roomate (otherwise known as MOM) detests the smell due to a barf-fest following a day of easter egg dying in her childhood - but she puts up with (and has even adopted) some of my favorite uses. Below is just one girl's celebration of this miracle liquid...

Bacteria, fungus, oil and mold-
You're a household secret so I'm told

Brighter, softer, cheaper laundry
Cuts the pee from a naughty pup.
Add some lemon for a better bleach,
Your smell disappears when it's all dried up.

Freshens fabric, carpet, and air -
Earth's own natural febreeze,
hiccups you are rumored the cure
all of these with the greatest of ease.

multipurpose like nothing you've seen
Glass, chrome, wood, and brick.
fresh coffee and tea pots
You can always do the trick.

Blush brushes, tooth brushes,
I use you as a reliable soak
You even help the human race's skin
for fruit stained or onion cutting folk.

And your apple cider friend,
to be completely fair -
can calm my tummy in a tea
or strip the yuckies from my hair.

So Vinegar, I thank you -
you're a tried and true aide.
and for 2 gallons of your help
$3 is all I paid:)

Ok, so I'm not a poet, but I really do love finding new uses for vinegar - almost every one I find removes another unidentifiable/unpronouncable chemical from my life.

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